Immersive Hyperreal Sound

For projects that go beyond the convention of a frontal performance zone, overhead and surround loudspeakers will be deployed above and around the audience area to augment the Frontal System.​

Such loudspeaker configurations provide an Immersive Hyperreal Sound experience.​

Surround Systems

Deployed around the audience (left, right and behind), surround systems provide a complete sense of being in the sound rather facing the sound.

Surround systems are qualified in Soundvision using specific Sound Pressure Level requirements (relative to the frontal system).

Surround systems can be interesting in a wide spectrum of applications. An electronic music production could immerse the audience in pads and synths panned all around them. A classical orchestra could use surround systems to create the natural perception of “being in a Great Room” by using the L‑ISA Processor room engine capabilities.

In prep on the day before the show, I still wasn’t quite prepared for what it was going to do and how it was going to feel. It covered the venue better than anything I’ve ever heard. The whole stadium was the immersion zone. It was mind blowing.

Lance Reynolds, FOH Engineer, alt-j

Height Systems

To create amazing room effects or FXs such as fly-overs, additional Height speakers can be deployed.

Like Surround systems, Height systems contribute to the feeling of immersion, and add to the audio spectacular.

The Height Systems unleash the use of the ELEVATION parameter within the L‑ISA Controller, while still using a streamlined control interface.

Immersive Design Qualification

In addition to advanced metrics related to the frontal system, metrics are available in L‑Acoustics Soundvision software that predict the coverage and performance of Surround and Height systems and obtain a complete assessment of a 3D sound system layout.

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