Creative Ecosystem

The L‑ISA ecosystem is a rapidly expanding universe of high-profile partners who have adopted the technology. Sound professionals can use L‑ISA in environments that they already know, from digital audio workstations, to mixing consoles, or tracking systems.

Mixing Consoles

L‑ISA compatible mixing consoles provide full control of L‑ISA parameters in a familiar environment.

L‑ISA DeskLink is available on the DiGiCo SD-range, Yamaha RIVAGE PM Series and SSL Live Consoles.

L‑ISA Control plugin is available on Avid S6L consoles.

Digital Audio Workstations

L‑ISA can be integrated in any pre-production or post-production setup based around the following Digital Audio Workstations:

Tracking Systems

L‑ISA supports the PosiStageNet protocol, and has also natively integrated and certified the following tracking solutions, to allow for automatic source positioning:

Media Engines

The L‑ISA Controller can interface via OSC with a variety of Games and Video engines, in order to create audio-driven visuals, or visual-driven audio, or both.

Show Control

The following Show Control environments can be used in conjunction with the L‑ISA Controller software, through advanced OSC integration:

Creative Controllers

Create complex real-time behaviors with OSC-capable tools or Frameworks