Create. Immerse. Anywhere.

Mix 3D audio with speakers or headphones.
L‑ISA workflow unleashes creativity from studio to live and back.

L‑ISA Studio – immersive audio on the go

L‑ISA Studio is a software suite that offers an L‑ISA 3D control interface and audio processing, on a personal computer.

Through L‑ISA Studio’s binaural engine, users can produce natural, immersive 3D audio on headphones with head tracking – or up to 12 loudspeakers in any studio.

Ideate with L‑ISA and any Digital Audio Workstation

Nothing should hinder sonic creativity—especially not the audio workflow.

L‑ISA Studio integrates with every major digital audio workstation on the market so musicians can keep their preferred creation process.
It includes an audio bridge to remove the need for an external soundcard.

With L‑ISA Studio, interaction designers can design and test their interactive environments at the earliest stages of a project simply by connecting the L‑ISA Controller to game engines, tracking systems, or other creative solutions via the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. The entire design can be tested and presented on a laptop.

Pre-production made easy with object-based audio

Pre-production works are often rough draft representations of the final production. L‑ISA removes this constraint with a full object-based approach that keeps the audio mix independent from the speaker layout, allowing the engineer to prepare a show with a high speaker count in a studio equipped with a reduced speaker count or simply over a pair of headphones.

Control strategies, sonic trajectories, and real-time behaviors can be defined in such environments, minimizing the need for last-minute programming.

Transition from Studio to Live in minutes

The L‑ISA Studio software suite and its hardware counterpart L‑ISA Processor use the same control software, the L‑ISA Controller.

Switching between the desktop software processing setup and a full-blown redundant hardware processing setup takes only a few clicks.

Using L‑ISA Studio for immersive audio creation guarantees that projects will be able to scale in the best way possible.


With the power of object-based mixing, L‑ISA tools provide an ultra-efficient workflow for producing any multi-track project into a variety of audio formats, from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos.

L‑ISA integrated room engine provides tremendous spatial control to provide effective results in a matter of minutes.

Re-mixing a studio session or a live show in immersive format for broadcast, theaters, or BluSpace has never been easier.

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