Room Engine

L‑ISA patent-pending algorithms offer an unprecedented level of control and scalability for object-based reverberation and Virtual Acoustics applications.

Mix, augment, enhance

The L-ISA room engine has been designed with versatility in mind. Easy to use for live mixing, yet extremely powerful for advanced acoustic applications. It can complement an existing acoustic space to enhance a musical performance or create an entire virtual acoustic space for any audio content.

Fully Adjustable

Scalable from studio to stadium

The L-ISA room engine scales to the speakers. Its 3D processing adapts to the speaker configuration and ensures a high level of decorrelation between signals, producing an extraordinarily natural and enveloping experience.

It also scales with the venue size. Its patent-pending precedence-safeguard always guarantees the precedence of the direct sound for every position in the audience.

The surround and overhead loudspeakers allowed us to use the reverb engine to create a sense of a room around the audience area. The sense of space in the sound was remarkable.

Scott Willsallen, Auditoria Systems – UAE National day with L‑ISA.

Shape any room response in 3 steps

A first section, called “Early”, creates a group of early reflections around each object.

A second section, called “Cluster”, uses a novel perceptual model to provide the perception of a room around the listener through later and more diffuse reflections.

A third “Late” section, based on a FIR convolution engine, is responsible for reproducing the late energy of the space, with independent control of LF and HF decay times.

Intuitive control of time, EQ, and space

Reverberation controls are gathered into three categories. Mixing engineers will find the well-known Time and EQ parameters such as pre-delay and cut-off frequencies. They will also control the spatial distribution of the late energy relatively to objects, thanks to L‑ISA unique spatial shapers.

Unlimited Presets, unlimited possibilities

Choose between 36 L‑ISA factory presets, or create your own, and recall presets from snapshots or via OSC commands.

Users can tailor room engine presets to the acoustic space, and add only what’s needed. The L‑ISA room engine works beautifully for indoor or outdoor spaces.