Taking the Audience on a Sonic Journey

Paris-based producer and head of the Mille Feuilles label, Romain Delahaye – a.k.a. Molécule – has achieved the title of “pioneer of nomadic electronic music” due to his atmospheric musical creations of infusing recordings of ambient sounds from his expeditions around the globe. Sounds from a fishing boat in the Atlantic, a village in Greenland, or the mythic surf swells of Nazaré in Portugal can be found in his tracks. And with the help of the engineer in charge of developing immersive audio at Radio France, Hervé Déjardin, Molécule transformed his recordings into a spatialized music experience using L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology. Together, they have brought a 360-degree spatialized sound experience to concert audiences listening in darkness, aptly giving the shows the moniker Acousmatic 360°. 

What spatialization adds to the show for this duo is that there is higher quality to the work and performance. Being able to hear the same sound and audio quality as the audience allows them to be more specific with the movement of the sounds, which means they can go deeper into the performance. 

Molécule notes that with the immersive live shows, they can play extended versions of songs: “We can take the time to create movements and bring the audience on a journey with us. We use the studio track as a base for us to jump off and fly, allowing us to improvise in the live show, where I can react to what Hervé is doing. The immersive audio is important to achieve that synergy between us.”