FIP 360 Series

Circular Concerts of Sound

Radio France, a French public service radio broadcaster specializing in entertaining and informative talk mixed with a wide variety of music, is a major player in French media and culture. The FIP 360 series, born from the innovative artistic minds at Radio France, is a complete sound experience that plunges audiences into the heart of a 360° sound and sensory experience. Artists are put in the center of a circular setting, with speakers encircling the audience, transmitting the sound evenly to offer more connection to the artist and a more immersive experience.  

Hervé Déjardin, in charge of audio innovation at Radio France, talks about using L-ISA Studio for the FIP 360 series to reinforce emotions and why it’s the perfect tool for helping him express the spatialized audio content.  

“Mastering L-ISA Studio and being able to listen to and monitor a mix made with the L-ISA Controller is very simple. It’s extremely easy to use. Any sound engineer or even musician will quickly become familiar. But more than that, it’s extremely stable. If I were to advise a sound engineer today who wants to get into spatialization—a key topic today—L-ISA technology, for me, is an essential product.”  

Watch the Creating with L-ISA Studio video to see why it was the right tool for Hervé, Radio France, and FIP 360.