Samuel Kerridge and Anthony Child: Playing with expectations

A candidly philosophical conversation about experimentation and live performance between two of techno’s most adventurous artists.

Anthony Child is best known as Surgeon, a pioneer with decades of experience bringing visceral energy and uncompromising futurism to techno. His formidable imprint on the scene continues to mutate as he explores new means to elicit the maximum psychological response from his audience. Samuel Kerridge has risen to the surface more recently, debuting on Regis’ iconic Birmingham label Downwards (where the first Surgeon releases appeared in the ‘90s) in 2013 with a bludgeoning, pitch-black take on the industrial techno tradition.

Child and Kerridge are set to appear at East London venue EartH as part of London techno event Superstition’s fifth anniversary. They’ll be seizing the unique theatre space and, for the first time, its immersive L-ISA 360 sound technology as the perfect setting for a midweek trip to the outer limits of electronic music performance. It seemed an ideal opportunity to spark a conversation between the two maverick artists about the technical and philosophical considerations around live performance…

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