New York City’s Latest Exhibition Space Is Located Underground

Photo is courtesy of ARTECHOUSE

ARTECHOUSE is an all-new digital art space that’s located below the city’s bustling Chelsea Market

As a child, Refik Anadol would joyously envisage alternate spatial realities: a version of his bedroom without a ceiling, another version without a floor. So it’s fitting that the Istanbul-born, Los Angeles–based data artist spends his grown-up days ideating at the vanguard of new media where architecture, art, and technology converge. Anadol’s latest project, entitled Machine Hallucination, is an AI-generated vision of New York City. The immersive installation serves as the first Manhattan-based exhibition organized by digital art space ARTECHOUSE, which has recently opened its new outpost below Chelsea Market, which is located in and named for the popular neighborhood.

According to Pastukhova, “ARTECHOUSE NYC will be the world’s first art space to integrate L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology with 32 separate channels,” as well as “the largest seamless megapixel count in the world.”

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