Modulo Kinetic media server now fully compatible with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology for complete immersive experiences

Paris, January 2020 – Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the full compatibility between its Modulo Kinetic media server and L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology by L-Acoustics. Thanks to bidirectional interactions now available between the video toolbox on one hand, and the spatial audio technology on the other hand, Modulo Pi and L-Acoustics bring a complete A/V real-time production suite.

L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology is a multidimensional, object-based approach to designing, mixing, and processing sound that results in extremely natural and intelligible audio and a more vibrant, and authentic connection between artists and their fans. Already deployed on over 7,000 performancesL-ISAhas been adopted by artists such as Mark Knopfler and Bon Iver, and permanently installed in experiential venues like ARTECHOUSE and Spyscape museum.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi has developed Modulo Kinetica super high-end and fully integrated media server solution. Launched in 2016, Modulo Kinetic is a field-proven solution used by major venues such as the multi-awarded theme park Puy du Fou, or Atelier des Lumières, the renowned digital art center.

In January 2020, Modulo Pi releases a new version of Modulo Kinetic with full integration of the L-ISA technology by L-Acoustics. The spatial audio system is now included in Modulo Kinetic’s extensive library of preloaded devices, allowing bidirectional interactions between Modulo Kinetic and L-ISA.

Based on this integration, Modulo Pi and L-Acoustics offer real-time interactions between video and spatial audio for state-of-the-art immersive experiences.

Operators can thus easily control the L-ISA solution directly from Modulo Kinetic, enabling spatial audio control from the media server’s timeline sequencer, 3D engine, nodal editor, or embedded show controller.

The L-ISA system can also send data to Modulo Kinetic – such as audio source pan, width, distance, elevation… – in order to interact with media encoded in the media server, or generative content created with Modulo Kinetic’s 3D engine.

In addition, KineMotion, the tracking module within Modulo Kinetic, becomes a certified tracking system for L-ISA. Available as an option for Modulo Kinetic, the new optical tracking module thus offer automatic sound source positioning when working with L-ISA.

“L-ISA opens a new creative palette for sound designers, giving them the ability to create fully natural, enveloping soundscapes or the freedom to immerse the listener in any atmosphere they can imagine,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, Managing Director of L-Acoustics Ltd. “With the integration of L-ISA Controller capabilities into Modulo Kinetic, the art of audio and the art of visual blend, making production of engrossing, amazing shows more intuitive.”

About Modulo Pi

Created in 2010, Modulo Pi offers a new generation of Media Servers developed in contact with creatives, producers and technicians from around the world. Relying on the +15 years’ experience of its founder & CEO in Media Servers, Modulo Pi helps create stunning visual experiences through a two-systems offer, Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic. Designed to meet the needs of any type of project, no matter the size or technical requirements, Modulo Pi’s innovative and reliable systems have powered hundreds of productions in varied applications, including corporate events, theme parks, museums, and touring.

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