Is Immersive Sound Tech The Biggest Thing In Sound In 2020?

Polygon Live and L-Acoustics are promising a revolution in live sound, by taking the surround sound that people are used to experiencing in cinemas, adding a vertical dimension, and delivering it onto the dance floor.

L-Acoustics founder and president Dr. Christian Heil has already revolutionized the live music industry once, when he and his team pioneered the line source speaker array system, which is now used at every major live event production worldwide. Now he may be on the verge of doing it again, by creating his company’s patented L-ISA Immersive Sound technology. Polygon live are now using this technology, alongside their own, to create an immersive 360 sound stage.

What that translates to in the real world is 12 equidistant speaker arrays positioned on a 12-sided Polygon and a number of speaker points hanging directly above, allowing sounds to travel through a three-dimensional space. Sonic objects can be placed anywhere within the 3D soundscape as every speaker position is individually addressable.

Pollstar was on site at Polygon’s London studio (Delta Live) to find out what that might sound like in reality and the experience was quite stunning. A bass drum chasing around a circle, an eerie laugh approaching listeners from one end of the room, ambient jungle sounds that transported anyone standing amidst the circle of speakers into a rainforest.

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