How psychedelic sound can heal the mind

Anna Mitchell experiences how sound and light are being harnessed in a quest for well-being when she heads to Wavepaths Brick Lane, London.

Not many audio installations are accompanied by their own trained psychotherapist, but then not many audio installations are designed by Mendel Kaelen, an academic researcher that specialises in psychedelic therapy.

You then enter an immersive sound environment. Audio was created for Wavepaths by collaborating artists including Jon Hopkins, Greg Haines, Alio Die, Steve Roach, and Brian Eno and is designed to target specific emotional and psychological processes. Using an advanced ultra wide band (UWB) impluse radar system on chip, Wavepaths can track human presence and monitor respiration to deliver a personalised soundscape via L-Acoustic’s L-ISA immersive sound technology. Operating below 10GHz, the radar tracks through the comprehensive soundproofing in the space, while at the same time not being affected by the music being played.

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