Enter Manhattan’s Sprawling New Digital Art Mecca

Artechouse is bringing the world’s most intricate digital projection technology—as well as a dose of hallucinatory visuals—to New York City’s Chelsea gallery district.

“Certain things, words simply cannot describe,” says Sandro Kereselidze. “They must be seen and experienced.” Such visceral logic may explain the explosive success of Artechouse, an immersive digital art space dedicated to preeminent new-media artists whose work incorporates the latest scientific and technological innovations.

The gallery is inaugurating a permanent space in a historic nook of New York City. Occupying the previously uncharted 6,000-square-foot boiler room beneath Chelsea Market’s main concourse, Artechouse is putting the world’s foremost digital projection capabilities on full display. “It’ll be the first art space to integrate L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology with 32 separate channels for an entirely multidimensional audio experience,” says Kereselidze. The gallery will also feature the world’s largest seamless megapixel count with Barco-powered technology that will bring floor-to-ceiling digital environments to life in the widest possible color spectrum. In layman’s terms: These will be radiant, room-wrapping displays by the digital art vanguard in vivid, retina-widening detail.

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