UAE 46th National Day — Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Description

Ceremony event for the UAE 46th National Day in Abu Dhabi, in a purpose-built environment for an audience of 1800 people, involving live performers, and immersive sound and video. A complete L-ISA system, including frontal, surround, and overhead speakers, was deployed for the celebration on December 2nd, 2017.

Sound Design Solution

  • The scene system was made of 6 arrays of nine KARA plus 1 array of nine K2, with a central cluster of 24 SB28 subwoofers.
  • The extended system included 4 arrays of eight KARA.
  • A complete surround system was designed by using 10 arrays of six KARA for the sides and rear, plus additional seven X8.
  • An overhead system was set-up on long cables, made of 33 X8 speakers.
  • Finally, ARCS II and X8 were used for front-fills.

That’s a total of 228 boxes from L-Acoustics entire range.


Scott Willsallen, Audio Director and Sound Designer, suggested to producers Done+Dusted to create a 3D soundfield environment to enhance and activate the creative concept of the show. L-ISA was selected as a platform of choice. The main challenges were the dimensions of the audience area and the width of the Scene.


Technical Information

Audio involving playback and live sources.

TypeOutdoor auditorium, 1800 people
Venue60 x 50 meters
Stage60 meters wide
Sound Design Target

Music and visual content were creating from scratch, with the aim of delivering an immersive sound design, including overheads, and provide an orchestral music that would retain its spatial qualities for all seats.


L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging

Everyone was amazed by the sound of the event. It was the most creatively exciting project I’ve done.

Scott Willsallen, Audio Director and Sound Designer, Auditoria