Tomorrowland: Atmosphere Stage — Boom, Belgium

Project Description

Held in the aptly-named Belgian town of Boom, Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals on the planet. Founded in 2004, the festival continues to grow year after year, expanding from one weekend to two in 2015. Organizers We Are One World are always on the hunt for imaginative ways to unite hundreds of thousands of fans from around the globe at this unique event. This year’s newest addition, the Atmosphere Stage is a huge, 32-metre high tent suspended from a gigantic, custom-built crane. With an all-star line-up, a ceiling glittering with thousands of lights, and a 2km long video net containing 120,000 LEDs stretched around its circumference.

Recognizing the impact of L‑ISA in creating powerful shared connections between artists and audiences, Tomorrowland worked with L‑Acoustics to design a mammoth 20.1 L‑ISA system to elevate the concert experience for festival-goers.

Sound Design Solution

To accommodate the production team’s wish for the LED wall to be the visual focal point of the Atmosphere Stage, the L‑ISA configuration comprised 18 arrays of four Kara each, stacked on a truss above the screen and filling 270 degrees of a carefully configured circle. An additional flown system of eight K1 per side, plus 24 KS28 subs completed the 360° panorama and provided the full on, low-end kick that is the hallmark of EDM. This highly flexible and modular configuration allowed for delivery of both conventional stereo and immersive content, with the K1 system providing left/right delivery and the L‑ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound adding extra detail, dynamics and effects to the mix. Multichannel content was specifically created for the L‑ISA system by Jelle Neijs and Bart Revier of 3AM Media for Dutch company Q-Dance, who have hosted stages at Tomorrowland since 2005.


Technical Information
Venue20 x 35 meters
Stage20m wide x 35m high
Top max trim heightThe surround stacks were placed on a truss that went all around (also supporting lights and LED panels). The clearance to the tent was “about 4 KARA”.
Min Trim heightThe top of the truss was 4m so the bumper was at 4m.
Sound Design Target
Program typeEDM
SPL max average>= 108 dBA
SPL distribution6 – 9 dB
Frequency contour12 – 14 dB (@ 100hz)
Frequency contour14 – 16 dB (@ 40hz)


L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging

We felt like kids in an undiscovered world with endless possibilities when we created the custom-made audio for L‑ISA at Tomorrowland’s Atmosphere Stage. The collaboration with L‑ISA takes the Tomorrowland experience a step further; together with L‑Acoustics we discovered new ways to give the visitors a sound experience they’ve never heard before.

Bart Revier, audio designer for the Atmosphere Stage