Le Dernier Panache — Puy du Fou Theme Park, Les Epesses, France

Project Description

Le dernier Panache is the most daring show ever created at Puy du Fou – Theme Park – and it is only enhanced by the setting. The show was an immediate success, garnering the industry-recognized Thea Award for Outstanding achievement this year.

Sound Design Solution

L‑Acoustics and the Puy du Fou designed and installed an L‑ISA multi-channel immersive system that plunges spectators into the heart of the story, with realistic sound coming from the moving sources and not just from either side of the stage.

  • 24 clusters of two ARCS Focus and one ARCS Wide line source elements are arranged in a circle at angles of 15 degrees each
  • 8 Clusters of two SB18 for the low-frequency extension
  • 4 SB28 underneath the tribune for sub-frequency effects
  • A Front-fill of 13 x 5XT to cover the first rows of the audience


L-Acoustics has been working with Le Puy du Fou since 2000 when the first L‑Acoustics sound system was installed for the Gallo-roman stadium. Today, the manufacturer’s systems are featured throughout the park. When Le Puy du Fou shared the idea for Le Dernier Panache with their longtime partner, the answer was simple: we have a solution that is as ambitious as your idea: L‑ISA.

“It is fitting that Le Puy du Fou features the first permanent installment of our new L-ISA hyperrealistic sound solution,” said Christian Heil, chief executive officer at L‑Acoustics. “The long relationship between our companies allowed us to propose an ambitious – some people would say crazy – and the best thing is that Le Puy du Fou had the confidence and daring to say yes!”


Technical Information

Performed in the custom-built, 360° Theatre of Giants, which utilizes advanced motion technology to create a rotating theatre, the 2,400 members of the audience are immersed in the story on a multi-sensory level, slowly rotating to watch the performance on seven different stages.

Audience Area Diameterapprox. 40 meters
Venue heightapprox. 15 meters
Sound Design Target
Program typeCreative/Immersive
SPL max average>= 100 dBA
SPL profile1 dB / 10 m
Frequency contour10 dB (@ 100Hz)


L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging

We wanted to offer something unique in the world with Le Dernier Panache. The L‑ISA sound system gives the show not just originality, but more importantly, an exceptional and memorable experience to our visitors.

Nicolas de Villiers, president at Puy du Fou