The Ultimate Expression of Sound

L‑ISA technology enables artists to create and deliver immersive sound for live and recorded productions of any scale. This comprehensive ecosystem of audio tools provides a natural and vivid experience that heightens emotion and invites the listener inside the music.

We call this Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

Explore ways to use L‑ISA

L-ISA Controller

Mix 3D audio with speakers or headphones. L‑ISA Studio unleashes creativity anywhere.

System Design

Explore the concepts behind L‑ISA speaker configurations providing Immersive Hyperreal Sound to large audiences.

Room Engine

Discover L‑ISA revolutionary approach to 3D audio reverberation, from mixing to Virtual Acoustics applications.

Now Playing in L‑ISA

Halina Rice

Halina Rice Immersive Spatial Audio & Visual Liveset - 19th of October 2023


Weekends with Adele - Until the 4th of November 2023

Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love: The Revolutionary New Musical on Broadway - Until January 7th 2024