Jean-Michel Jarre

Intimate 360-Degree Sound

Hervé Dejardin and Jean Michel Jarre mixing in L-ISA for the Hyper Weekend Festival, at Radio France, Paris, France. Credit: Christophe Coulmy/L-Acoustics

The godfather of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre, recently premiered his latest opus Oxymore in a series of headline performances at the inaugural edition of Radio France’s innovative Hyper Weekend Festival in Paris. Oxymore is a homage to the pioneering electronic musician Pierre Henry and a perfect fit for the new live/virtual hybrid festival, which was launched to celebrate and pay tribute to French music across all genres. The event showcasing 60 artists was performed across three days on five stages and hosted in la Maison de la Radio, the iconic “roundhouse” of the Radio France headquarters. Surrounded by a live seated audience, the concert was also broadcast, and live VR streamed to tens of thousands of viewers. To truly create the ideal immersive experience, Jean-Michel Jarre used the game-changing L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology. 

This was the first time Jean-Michel had worked with L-ISA but not the first time he’s worked in immersive. In the 1990s and 2000s, he produced several DVDs using 5.1; however, the technology just wasn’t ready. But now, with L-ISA, the performance and sound are exactly what the team was looking for.  

The performance was set for Maison de la Radio’s Agorastage, a rounded outdoor/indoor hybrid space enclosed with a glass ceiling. The team specified an oval of 17 Syva cabinets, plus Syva Low and some extra SB21. Jarre was positioned at the ‘top’ of the oval on an elevated stage to artistically achieve a zero-degree reference point for the limited-seated audience spread out around him facing the stage. The live festival performances were broadcast via radio and streamed in 6DoF binaural format to the virtual platforms VRChat by VRrOOm. 

As a 360-degree sound system, L-ISA installed in a circular performance space completely embodies the immersive experience. It effectively draws the audience together so that they are inside the sound, sharing the same experience as the musicians and fellow audience. The limited audience numbers inspired Jean-Michel to produce an intimate, immersive experience, and he was very motivated to focus on space and the music. 

“I could not have achieved this project without L-Acoustics,” says Jean-Michel Jarre. “Its vision and pioneering approach always impress me, and, once more, we are opening doors on virgin acoustic territories together.”